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I stopped by at Sexy Nutrition 2 weeks ago wanting to by N.O. Explode for workout energy.  Roland had educated me on artificial stimulants including the long term dangers and that  I should be better off in fixing my nutrition first.  I started the 2 week transformation.

– Oscar Luque

Check out my Video This was the easiest program to follow and I was not starving once. Balanced meals every 3 hours!. You don’t need to be a chef either. Breakfast takes 15 seconds and I used a nutritional isolate whey protein shake with no lactose or sugars between meals.This is a brand new lifestyle

– Devon

When I started the 2 Week Transformation my body felt soft and I was extremely tired. My wife is happy now because I have at least two more hours energy after work and I felt I had surgery on my face. All my flabbiness is gone, my complexion is better and my eyes sparkle again.

– Favian

I have been training for 4 years,  6 times per week and I was frustrated with my  progress. It felt like I reached a plateau which I could not overcome. Luckily I met Roland Kickinger from Sexy Nutrition and he told me that he could change my physique within 2 weeks

– Eric

Roland’s 2 Week Transformation made me enjoy life again.  I am able to play with my grand kids, climb mountains and I don’t have to wear a t-shirt anymore when I am on my boat. Learn form the best and you can not fail.

– Herb

This two week program made me feel real clean and energized. It was a rude awakening as far as what I was putting in my system before these two weeks. I have tried many weight loss programs before but none where as effective as Roland’s program.

– Lorena