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Sexy Nutrition Q&A (What are clients asking)?



1) Why is the MFL Whey Protein Isolate superior over food proteins?

Answer: Our MFL Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate of a 90% ratio is free of lactose and milk sugar. It is digested within 45 min and contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids. It also helps speed up your metabolism. Sweetened with Stevia and Natural flavors and tastes delicious. You will love it!!

Preferable Usage: Mornings pre and post exercise.

Absolutely no binders, fillers, chemicals and stabilizers!!

Remember: Fewer ingredients will keep you toned and lean. Can you understand each of the ingredients without using a Webster dictionary?

Food Proteins are of course excellent. However, the digestion time takes a lot longer. Meat can take up to 48 hours to digest and can stay up to 30 years in your intestine. Chicken takes about 6 hours to digest and fish 4 hours.

2) I’ve been getting bloated and gassy from the Whey Protein I’m using. What should I do about it?

Answer: Feeling bloated and gassy comes from the lactose and milk sugars in your Whey Protein.  Most inexpensive Whey Protein powders have a high percentage of Whey concentrate, which slows down your system and adds unwanted weight gain around the midsection. You want to use a protein powder that contains no lactose or milk sugars, like our Muscle Food Labs Line, and your midsection will feel better and reduce!

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