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Pre-Workout Supplements – Are they good for me?

Pre-Workout Supplements –
Which are helpful and which can be harmful?
I wanted to give you some original information, straight from me to you, about pre-workout supplements.

Do you need them? Are they beneficial or harmful? If you want a pre-workout supplements, what should you look for?The supplement industry is taking advantage once more of misinformed fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts with the sales of highly concentrated pre-workout powders containing large amounts of caffeine (up to 450mg) per serving mixed with some creatine for extra weight gain (mostly water weight) and other chemicals, which downplays the risks associated with high amounts of caffeine.Clever marketing, combined with lots of advertising, makes stimulants used as pre-workout drinks are extremely popular. One major incentive for using these powders is its perceived ability to serve as stimulants when one’s energy level drops. Since caffeine does not contain any energy on its own, just stimulants, where is the energy coming from?The body is providing it.

Stimulants are nerve toxins that trigger a powerful defense reaction in the body. This is the boost of energy we feel when drinking these powders. So, in actuality, the energy boost we feel is actually an energy loss for the body.Crashing and Depleting your energy stores, dehydrating the body, not be able to sleep well, pushing the nervous system, releasing cortisol…. This roller coaster of energy can be highly addicting…Caffeine in such a high dosage is also a strong diuretic, dehydrating the body and is highly acid forming, which means it draws highly on the alkaline reserve within the body to maintain safe acid/alkaline balance.I understand that sometimes we have days where we need a little upper kick. However, only on those days should caffeinated pre-workout powders be consumed. Start with a half serving on days where you really need it. Just don’t make your workouts dependent on them because it will deplete you and make you tired often during the day. Yes, there are alternatives!

The proper way of getting energy is from the inside out is proper nutrition, hydration, calmness and a good night’s sleep!

Let me give you some pre-workout alternatives with will be a better choice for you in the long run:

Mega NO2: It will open you blood vessels and get you a amazing pump stimulant-free (also great for late afternoon and evening workouts)!/Mega-NO2/p/12354849/category=2829272
Xcell: Intra BCAA drink with electrolytes Glutamine complex and HMB

Powercaps: For an incredible pump, strength and power!! No Water retention!!

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