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How Healthy is Cow Milk for Humans?


I remember that my mom was telling me that if I would drink a glass of milk a day my bones and joints would  be extra strong. Well who hasn’t heard the famous saying?

We see so many commercials, print ads etc. containing how healthy milk and actually all diary products are.  We learn that Milk will prevent arthritis and osteoporosis and it is essential for the bones. Yet we have more arthritis and osteoporosis cases than ever.

Now the magic question: Could it be that cow milk is only meant for calves?  A calf is at least 4 to 5 times larger than a human baby. If we gave human breast milk to a calf, it would not grow strong enough to survive. Cow milk is perfectly designed to contain the exact amount of calcium and protein  necessary to feed a calf.   Once weaned, mammals no longer look for milk to satisfy their needs. Why are humans?

Cow’s milk is highly mucus-forming that can cause irritation and congestion, make you bloated and gassy. Cow’s milk however is high in calcium however it’s calcium to magnesium ratio can make it difficult to absorb. In certain people the access calcium may be deposited in places where it is not required and development of calcification of bones and other body parts.

There is quantitatively more phosphorus in cow’s milk than there is calcium. In order to metabolize that much phosphorus, the body requires extra amounts of calcium, which it extracts from the bones, teeth and muscles. This actually leads to a calcium deficiency.If consumption of dairy products continues for a long time, calcium reserves get depleted faster than they can get replenished, leading to damage of the bone tissue.

If cow’s milk were such an useful and important source of calcium for animals then nature would certainly have designed ways of supplying them with milk throughout their lives.
We know that they have access to milk only in the beginning stages of their lives. Let’s follow natures directions…

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Roland Kickinger






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