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This two week program made me feel real clean and energized.


I never knew what food and a correct supplement schedule can do to me.


The 2 Week Transformation put me back on track. I feel strong and energized.


This was the easiest program to follow and I was not starving once.


Welcome to Sexy Nutrition!

Sexy Nutrition are complete Health and Nutrition Centers for the Entire Body.

Founded by actor and former Mr. Universe and IFBB Pro Roland Kickinger, whose own desire to develop and maintain the ultimate in health and well‐being led to his becoming a fitness and health icon, opened Nutrition and Wellness Centers as a way of sharing his many years of knowledge and experience with the public.

Along with 100% success rate for his patented  Transformation programs Roland has developed in co-production with Franklin Fund  his own Nutritional protocols and  assessments which are available at our centers exclusively.

With over 25 years of experience in fitness and health and nutrition Roland shares his  knowledge of body, mind conditioning, cooking nutritional tips through his transformation programs seen on t.v and  the website which consists of online programs that assist ones health and fitness goals, as well as in his nutrition centers.  Roland makes the way to reaching your best physique fun, educational and interesting.

Roland is also offering Free Appearances at schools or any children organizations after approval from the principal on the importance of healthy nutrition in today’s fast pace environment or any other fitness and health related topics!

For more info on Roland’s film and t.v. work click here:

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